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Tortoise Safe Edible Plants (Seed)

As residents of the Mojave Desert, we feel a responsibility toward, and a kinship with our still wild Desert Tortoises. They're not only the California state reptile, they're a hallmark species of our southwestern deserts. Happening upon a tortoise in the wild is...well...pretty darned special.

Thousands of people legally keep adopted Desert Tortoises, along with other species. By offering tortoises safe food items they'd find in the wild and depend on to remain healthy, we're helping to foster responsible captive tortoise husbandry.

All seed is per packet, unless otherwise specified.

Although the plant species offered here are found in Desert Tortoise habitat, they may be enjoyed by all temperate species of terrestrial tortoises including but not limited to:

Gopherus, Testudo, Psammobates, Geochelone, Centrochelys, Homopus, Kinixys, Pyxis, Malacochersus, and Stigmochelys

Desert Chia 4.99 USD
Sun Cups 4.99 USD
Tidy Tips 3.99 USD
Winterfat 3.99 USD