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Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mix Mediterranean


Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mix Mediterranean 00105

Mediterranean species of tortoises (Testudo) have been eating this diet for more than 20 years. This is the original tortoise forage grazing seed mix, developed in 1994. Since that time, research has given us a unique view into the dietary preferences of wild tortoises, and this seed mix has been continually changed and updated to reflect current research.

This mix, as with all others, may be grown indoors under grow lights in the winter time months, "mowed" with scissors and offered to tortoises.

Contains the following items, based on seasonal availability. Please note, many of these seeds are very small.


Mediterranean Grass

Sand Dropseed

Mallow (up to 4 species)

Chickweed (2 species)



Shepherd's Purse

Clovers (up to 4 species)

Primula (2 species)

Plantains (up to 4 species)


Other species as seasonally available!

1 ounce will cover 15+ sqare feet if permitted to reach maturity, but tortoises will want to consume plants much earlier. Creating separate grazing areas allows some plants to mature and set seed. Rotating tortoises through grazing areas gives plants a chance to produce new growth after grazing.

1/2 ounce package

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