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Dinner Plate Cactus -Seed


Dinner Plate Cactus -Seed 00145

Opuntia robusta, most often called Dinner Plate Opuntia, Wheel Cactus, or Silver Dollar Cactus is a member of the Opuntia family of North American Cactus.

This is a species you'll need to give a big space! This species can attain a height from 4 to 9 feet (and sometimes larger!) and are 4 or more feet wide. The round pads are a beautiful blue-green, and are anywhere from 6 inches to 13 inches wide.

In the late spring, they produce gorgeous, lemon yellow flowers, followed by huge, juicy red cactus fruits.

Packet: 30 freshly collected seeds

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Dinner Plate Cactus -Seed