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Desert Holly


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Atriplex hymenelytra, Desert Holly is a wonderful member of the goose-foot family of desert native shrubs.

Desert Holly is unique in that it is the most drought, and salt tolerant species of salt bush in the United States. It has silvery-whitish-gray foliage, and the leaves are shaped similar to "Christmas holly leaves," which gives it it's common name.

In the Mojave Desert, it may be found at elevations from 250 to 3,900 feet.

Once established, Desert Holly is cold tolerant, but can die back if the soil freezes. It also tolerates intense, reflected heat and requires full sun.

This species may reach a height of 4 feet. In severe drought, it will drop it's leaves, so providing a supplemental watering once a month during the summer months may be needed if you live in an extremely arid, hot climate. It is tolerant of alkaline soils, salt, and sand. It does not tolerate acidic or clay soils.

USDA Zones 8a to 10b

Tortoise Safe Landscape Shrub

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