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Cat-Claw Acacia


Cat-Claw Acacia 00057

Senegalia greggii, also called Cat Claw Acacia or Wait-A-Minute-Bush, is a fantastic way to put up a living fence that no one wants to encounter!

It contains spines are curved and look very much like a domestic cat's claws. This is a fast growing deciduous tree (or shrub) You may prune it to grow the way you'd like it to, and it is often seen in medians, where it has been trained to grow as a tree. It easily attains a height of 10 feet, and can grow twice that tall. This species provides filtered, airy shade, and is gorgeous when in bloom. The seed pods provide important food for native wildlife.

Flower spikes are rod-shaped, and are up to 2 inches long.
Sunset Zone(s) 10-13
USDA Zone(s): 7-11

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