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Beavertail Opuntia Cactus Cuttings


Beavertail Opuntia Cactus Cuttings 250

Beavertail Cactus, sometimes called Beavertail Pricklypear, is a member of the Opuntia family, and is a fantastic low-growing, spreading cacti. The pads root well, and love sandy or gravelly alkaline soils.

All pads are harvested from plants grown on our growing grounds in the Mojave Desert, which assures you aren't supporting the widespread practice of poaching. (Poaching is harvesting plants that are growing wild, and all American species of cacti are protected from harvesting by law.) Cactus poaching is a wide-spread, serious problem.

Beavertail cactus tolerates reflected heat, as well as below freezing temperatures. It blooms with a beautiful, bright purple/magenta flower, requires full sun and well drained soil. (Pictured are the actual pads)

Beavertail requires almost no water once established, but a few deep soaks in the hottest months will encourage faster growth. These are beautiful, large, disease free pads, at least two years of age when harvested.

This is an un-rooted pad, and is shipped without soil.

***PLEASE NOTE!!! Cactus pads are not cut from the parent plant until you place your order. Pads need several days to "callus over" prior to shipping. If the cut end is not completely dry, your pad could mold during transit. ***

A California Department of Agriculture Intrastate seal is included on your package, which insures that you're purchasing your cacti from a reliable, licensed source.

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Beavertail Opuntia Cactus Cuttings