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Fishhook Cactus Ferocactus wislizenii


Fishhook Cactus Ferocactus wislizenii 00220

Ferocactus wislizenii commonly called Fishhook Cactus, Arizona barrel cactus or compass cactus is a barrel cactus endemic to the desert southwest. This is a cactus that makes a bold statement in any xeric or desert garden, and is very popular in desert landscapes!

The fishhook barrel cactus typically grows to a diameter of roughly 2.25 ft and a height of 3–6 ft but specimens as wide as 3 feet and tall as 10 feet have been recorded. The common name comes from the spines, which are thick and hooked. It has a leathery asparagus green skin with approximately 15-28 ribs per cactus. Its flowers are yellow to red-orange and appear atop the cactus fruit during the summer months. The fruits are green when unripe, yellow after the flower dries up, and persist atop the cactus long after the flower is gone, sometimes for more than a year.

In adulthood, fishhook barrel cacti generally lean southward, toward the sun, earning them the nickname "compass barrel cactus."

This cactus is desert grown and is accustomed to a 10+ UV index from intense sunlight, and will not burn. Cactus that burns in desert environments is a common problem with many cacti offered in the big box garden centers.

This species requires full sun, soil that drains very well, and after established, occasional watering keeps it happy once established. Found in the wild from 1000 to 5300 feet in elevation.

USDA Hardiness Zones 9a through 11

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Fishhook Cactus Ferocactus wislizenii