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Desert Wishbone


Desert Wishbone 00033

Mirabilis laevis, commonly called Desert Wishbone, is a perennial desert species. It may trail, or form more of a bushy appearance. It has beautiful green foliage, and bright lavender to purple flowers which attract beneficial pollinating insects. Native bees love it, and this is an important spring food for Desert Tortoises.

This is a perennial plant (will die back in the winter, and return the following spring.) It has an impressive root system.

Drought tolerant and needs well drained gritty soil, but will benefit from occasional deep watering.

Wishbone is another species that is sought out by, and is highly palatable to tortoises.

This species is also a favorite of seed eating beetles. We do not use pesticides in growing our plants. Since damage is common in seeds of this species, we physically check every seed, to ensure it has not been damaged. Limited quantity.

Packet (25 seeds)

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