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Crow's Claw Barrel Cactus- SPECIMEN SIZE


Crow's Claw Barrel Cactus- SPECIMEN SIZE 00140

Ferocactus latispinus, commonly called Devil's Tongue Cactus, Crow's Claw Cactus, or Candy Cactusis a species of barrel cactus native to Mexico. In the lower elevations of our southwestern deserts, this is a must-have cactus. It needs full sun and can take intense heat.

This species grows as a single globular light green cactus reaching the dimensions of 12 inches in height and 16 inches across, with 21 acute ribs. Its spines range from reddish to white in color and are flattened and reach 4 or 5 cm long.

This cactus is desert grown, therefore, it is accustomed to a very high UV index from intense sunlight, and will not burn as is so common with many cacti offered in the big box garden centers grown in artificial conditions. It requires full sun, soil that drains very well, and after established, occasional watering keeps it happy.

Cold hardiness of this species is 25° F

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Crow's Claw Barrel Cactus- SPECIMEN SIZE