Here at Desert Natives Nursery, we proudly offer the original Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mixes, southwestern native wildflower, shrub, cactus, grass and tree seed, as well as native plants and cactus cuttings not commonly found in the commercial marketplace.  All of our cactus cuttings are sourced from nursery grown plants,  we never remove cactus from the wild.

Our seed is hand collected from the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.  We also offer species native to our local desert transition habitats (higher altitudes.) 

Tortoise Keepers: Attempting to replicate what tortoises eat in the wild is a crucial aspect of responsible captive husbandry.  Tortoise Forage Grazing Seed Mixes help to make feeding your tortoises a high fiber, low protein, high calcium and low phosphorus diet easier!

Our inventory is constantly changing, and some items may be very limited in quantity.  For real time updates, follow us on Facebook!

If you’re looking for tortoise dietary information, please visit the “Tortoise Nutrition” web site.